Orangedale – Second Floor

The upstairs Station Agent’s living quarters in the building still have the original hardwood floors in all the rooms and are restored with period furnishings. 


The Station Agent, his wife, and family entertained their guests in this room. The small room off the parlour was at one time used as a pantry/storage room. 


Early 20th century artefacts including dishes and the stove are displayed here. Running water was added in the late 1940s.

Sitting/Dining Room

Serving various functions including meals and family relaxation, this room is now decorated with period furniture.


This was originally a small bedroom, but in the late 1940s it was remodelled into a bathroom.


These two rooms are located in the west end of the station.  One is presently used as an exhibit room including a display of railway police badges, while the other is set up as a bedroom with railway uniforms on display. When the station platform was being restored a number of artefacts were found including broken clay pipes, hat pins, hair pins, ICR buttons and a Newfoundland 50 cent coin and these are on display.

Intercolonial Railway buttons
Intercolonial Railway buttons
Newfoundland 50 cent coin
Newfoundland 50 cent coin

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